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Dire Release Day Launch: Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway

 Happy Release Day For Dire and Alyssa Rose Ivy! Not only to a have a review for you, there is also an excerpt and a giveaway for you to enter! Check it all out, because you do not want to pass this one up. 

About the Book
Title: Dire
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Series: The Dire Wolves Chronicle #1
Publication Date: September 15, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, 
Gage was the first guy I ever wanted. He was my first crush and my first fantasy, but he wasn't my first in any other way because he never saw me as anything more than a friend— at least not until the night that changed everything.

It was all Gage's fault. He insisted we drive through the storm and take the back roads. By the time the storm hit full force we had no chance. One night of snowbound sex changed our relationship forever. The problem was at the same time I caught another guy’s attention. This other guy happened to be the alpha of a pack of shifter wolves. I thought the wolves were the worst of my problems, but I was wrong. When things went from bad to worse I had to make a lifelong sacrifice to save Gage, but what price is too much to save the one you love?

About the Author
Alyssa Rose Ivy is a New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with romance
and a southern setting. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

A single howl made me stop short. “The wolves!”
“Let’s hope they are farther away than they sound.” Gage tightened his hold on my hand and pulled me forward.
Three more howls filled the night. “They sound closer.”
We picked up the pace, and I chanced a glance behind me. That was a mistake. Several large grey wolves came into view. “Run!”
Gage didn’t need to be told twice. He broke into a run without letting go of my hand.
I ran as fast as possible over the frozen snow, but we didn’t get far before the wolves started circling around us. “Oh my god.” Could things get any worse?
“You have to make a run for it.” Gage’s voice quivered. “They’re going to kill us.”
“I’m not leaving you.” I tried to stay strong, and I kept my eyes locked on the wolves. There were five of them. All of them were massive, much larger than any wolf I’d seen before, but one of them was even bigger and had a large silver streak running down its back. That wolf seemed to be staring right at me.
“I’ll distract them. You run. I’ll catch up.”
I spotted an opening next to one of the smaller of the wolves and went for it. I didn’t make it far before one of the wolves stepped in front of me. I froze, paralyzed with fear, before my legs were knocked from under me. Suddenly, I was lying in the snow with a giant wolf hovering over me.
“We’re fucked.” Gage voiced exactly what I was thinking.
The silver streaked wolf stared down at me. It’s almost glowing eyes bored into mine. Was I really going to die as half-frozen food for a giant wild animal?
Then things got hazy and the air seemed to buzz. Moments later it wasn’t a wolf on top of me—it was a man. A completely naked man with a faint scar across his face.
“What the heck?” I tried to scurry back, but Hunter didn’t move. His very exposed parts nearly touched me. I didn’t want to notice his size, but I did. He was huge. He also didn’t look remotely concerned with the cold.
His lips brushed against my ear. “Were you going somewhere?”

My Review of Dire
A new book by Alyssa Rose Ivy, well of course I had to read it. Dire Wolves set in the world of the Empire and Crescent Chronicles but also set far apart from it. Although, I hope maybe someday in the future they meet up. As with everything written by Alyssa Rose Ivy, Dire is wonderful, magnificent, and even set in the shape shifter world, is so very different from previous series set in this world.

Dire starts of innocent enough, and quickly goes much darker. There are so many elements introduced in this first novel, and it opens the door to a very interesting and exciting series. I do have to say that Gage is my new favorite, and I cannot wait to see what happens in Dusk. Mary Anne is a powerful female although shy and unsure of herself, she does not realize. I think that quality is what drew me to her as a reader.

The Dire Wolf pack is so removed from normal society, and that affects their behavior. I would have to say most of the time their actions and behavior are more animal based, then human society based. Obviously, it is defiantly off putting at times, because it is not how a person should react or behave, but then again it is somewhat how I would picture a wolf pack to act in a way.

Alyssa Rose Ivy has this magic touch with the written word, and I know that The Dire Wolves Chronicles is going to be another fantastic and addicting series for me to enjoy. I am already dying and counting down the days until I can enjoy Dusk. Trust me this series may even outdo Empire Chronicles in my favorites list. I would say the Crescent Chronicles too, but it will always remain a top favorite, as it is what started my love for this world.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Review: Untold

About the Book
Untold (The Lynburn Legacy, #2)
Title: Untold
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Series: The Lynburn Legacy #2
Publication Date: September 24, 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal
It's time to choose sides....
On the surface, Sorry-in-the-Vale is a sleepy English town. But Kami Glass knows the truth. Sorry-in-the-Vale is full of magic. In the old days, the Lynburn family ruled with fear, terrifying the people into submission in order to kill for blood and power. Now the Lynburns are back, and Rob Lynburn is gathering sorcerers so that the town can return to the old ways.
But Rob and his followers aren’t the only sorcerers in town. A decision must be made: pay the blood sacrifice, or fight. For Kami, this means more than just choosing between good and evil. With her link to Jared Lynburn severed, she’s now free to love anyone she chooses. But who should that be?
A darkly humorous take on Gothic romance, Sarah Rees Brennan's Lynburn Legacy weaves together the tale of a heroine desperate to protect those she loves, two boys hoping to be saved, and the magical forces that will shape their destiny.

My Review of Untold
Kami Glass is one of my favorite young adult characters and Unspoken a definite favorite also. When I started Untold, I knew it was going to surpass Unspoken, and boy did it. There is more danger and evil lurking in Untold. While most citizens of Sorry-in-the-Vale chose to ignore or hide, Kami and her group of friends chose to plan and fight back. 

Kami is highly intelligent and a very though journalist. She is really like a modern day Nancy Drew, if Nancy Drew had to fight evil sorcerers to save her town. Kami’s sense of humor and her comedic timing made me laugh so many times. In fact, all of Kami’s friends can be quite hilarious. This is the best part even in the darkest of time; one of the group cracks a joke and releases some of the tension. 

I will have to say this one ends on quite a bit of a cliffhanger. With certain things up in the air and even more danger on the way, Unmade is probably going to be mind-blowing. I am sad to see the Lynburn Legacy series comes to an end. I could always use more Kami in my life. I just hope some of the unanswered questions finally get answers. 

Sarah Rees Brennan has created such a powerful but still funny series. If you have ever been a fan of mysteries with a paranormal twist, this series and Untold are the books for you. I love this series and I think Untold outdoes Unspoken. Just as I am sure, Unmade is going to outdo Untold.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Play of Light

Play of Light by Debra Doxer
Expected Publication: December 8, 2014
 Cover Design by Okay Creations
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance,
I lived in paradise, and I loved Spencer Pierce.
At fourteen, my life was perfect. The beach was my playground, and the boy who stole my heart lived just around the corner. But perfect never lasts. In one horrifying moment, I lost it all. My family was destroyed, and the boy I believed in turned his back on me. Paradise became a nightmare.
That was five years ago. Everything changed when we moved from our home by the sea. I’ve changed, and I don’t like who I’ve become. I miss the smiling, carefree beach girl who disappeared that terrible night. I want to find her again. I want to face the people we ran from so long ago. Most of all, I have to face Spencer. So I can prove that when he broke my heart, he didn’t break me.
But when I see him again, Spencer Pierce is no longer the boy from my memories. He’s now a man who could devastate me if I let him. He watches me when he thinks I’m not looking. There’s regret written on his face when he’s near. Each time I see him, my heart aches for what might have been, and I think his does too. How can I convince myself I’m over him when I suspect he never got over me?
~ This is a standalone story. ~

 About the Author

Debra Doxer was born in Boston, and other than a few lost years in the California sunshine, she has
always resided in the Boston area. She writes fiction, technical software documents, illegible scribbles on sticky notes, and texts that get mangled by AutoCorrect. She writes for a living, and she writes for fun. When her daughter asks when she'll run out of words, her response always is, "When I run out of time."

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Coral & Bone Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway

Welcome to Unabridged Bookshelf's stop on the Coral & Bone Blog Tour!  Make sure to check out everything going on during this tour by clicking the banner above. I have a review and a tourwide giveaway for you to enter!

About the Book

Title: Coral & Bone
Author: Tiffany Duane
Publisher: Jester Ink Press
Publication Date:July 7, 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, 
Halen knows the sparks igniting under her fingertips are dangerous. She has spent her entire life trying to quell the tingly feelings that make her destroy things, but now that she is back in Rockaway Beach, where she watched her father drown, the flames have become impossible to tame.
Halen is trying to hold on, but when she is thrust into a mysterious new world, the underwater realm of Elosia, she unravels the secrets of her past and can’t help but ignite. As she explores Elosia, she realizes her life has been a lie. And when those who have deceived her come to her for help, Halen must choose—walk away or unleash the magick that could destroy them all.

About the Author
I write stories about magick, love and dark creatures lurking in the shadows. When I'm not lost in
Edit Land you can find me reading a book from my towering TBR pile or at the movie theater nibbling licorice. I don't have a lucky number, but my favorite time is 11:11. I completely believe that the fortunes found inside cookies will come true and that you must be careful when wishing on stars. I live on an island, so if you want to visit you'll need a boat, and if you want to survive the passage, be sure to bring candy for the mermaids.  


My Review of Coral & Bone
I seem to be reading more Fantasy novels lately, so I was drawn to Coral & Bone. After the first chapter, I would have to say I was intrigued and hooked. There are many elements in Coral & Bone that I have seen in other fantasy and paranormal novels, but Tiffany Duane really molds them into her own version.  She weaves them together to form a complex story, with detailed care to not become too convoluted. 

Halen discovers many things about herself, and about those who she has trusted her entire life. While internally fighting her destiny, she begins to discover that she may not be as weak as she feels. Watching Halen take on and accept her role in the fight against the evil that is destroying the realms is what really captured me. I knew that once she started to work towards her goal, I could not put the book down. 

Coral & Bone is a beautifully written novel, and it was such a character driven read. Halen had to make the decisions and fight against her own self to discover whom she really was and who she wanted to become. The other characters surrounding Halen, especially the ones trying to help by her side also make this novel into a must read. 

I know this cannot be the last book in this series, and I have heard that it is supposed to be a trilogy. I am excited, because I cannot wait to discover more of Halen’s world. I loved Coral & Bone and I personally cannot wait to see what Tiffany Duance comes up with next for this series. 

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Cover Reveal: Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss: Four New Adult Paranormal Romance
Alyssa Rose Ivy, Jennifer Snyder, Juliana Haygert, Sarra Cannon 
Expected Publication: October 1, 2014
 Cover Design by Once Upon a Time Covers
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
PREORDER: Kobo| iBooks | Google Play
This Halloween, prepare to be haunted by a kiss…
Midnight Kiss is a limited edition collection of four BRAND NEW, NEVER RELEASED novellas, all set in New Orleans on Halloween night.
AFTER MIDNIGHT by Sarra Cannon
From the outside, Becca Goldberg looks like any normal freshman girl at Tulane, but she’s been keeping a terrible secret. She’s really Allison Moore—a young witch from Peachville hiding out from an evil coven of witches known as the Order of Shadows. She thinks she is safe until an unexpected accident occurs. Now, she only has until midnight on Halloween until her identity is discovered.
She must turn to the hottest, most elusive guy on campus for help. Will he help save her? Or will her life come crashing down around her after midnight?
THE MIDNIGHT TEST by Juliana Haygert
Being the weakest witch of her generation, nineteen-year-old Hazel is convinced she's supposed to live a normal, human life—except for the occasional ghost hunting. When Hazel moves to New Orleans, the most powerful witch coven in the world grants her a chance to join them, but only if she passes a dangerous test on Halloween night. Everything is going fine until mysterious Sean steps in Hazel’s way, putting her entire test at risk.
Will she be able to ace the test and keep them both alive at the same time?
SEDUCTION'S KISS by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Never agree to a road trip to New Orleans with your roommate. At least not when your roommate is dragging you along while she reconnects with an ex boyfriend. Possible consequences of failing to take my advice:
1) Unknowingly going out with a vampire stripper.
2) Getting kidnapped by said vampire’s nest mates.
3) Falling head over heels for your winged hero.
Believe it or not number 3 is the worst one, especially when no one believes you that he exists.
KISS OF AWAKENING by Jennifer Snyder
With one kiss, everything will change...
When a mysterious letter arrives from her estranged mother, twenty-one year old Kenna Blake and her best friend, Bree, make a trip to New Orleans hoping for a little Halloween fun and to get away. The mystifying Crescent City has something else in store for her though.
Cryptic messages, a hot tour guide, and a new sense Kenna can't seem to explain are just the beginning of this eye opening trip. Will Kenna accept what awakens with in her or will she crumble under its reality?

   My Thoughts: I will admit the main reason I want to read this set is of course, Seduction's Kiss by Alyssa Rose Ivy. As I read the synopsis for all four novellas, I cannot wait to read them all. This is the perfect set of stories to get me into the Halloween spirit!!

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Book Review: The Other Fish in the Sea

About the Book
The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole, #2)
Title: The Other Fish in the Sea
Author: Jenn Cooksey
Series: Grab Your Pole #2
Publication Date: April 23, 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Romance
Buy: Amazon 
In Shark Bait, readers everywhere met and fell in love with the new girl, Camie Ramsey, and swooned over her sure to be future husband, Tristan Daniels. Now, in The Other Fish in the Sea, the long awaited second installment of the Grab Your Pole series by Jenn Cooksey, Camie and Tristan are back, but so are their friends!
So, find a breathing apparatus and shimmy into your scuba gear, because it's finally time to dive deeper into the lives of the GYP gang, but be warned, it's a big world out there and an even bigger ocean where danger might be lurking around the next corner and realistically, anything could happen.
About the Author

Jenn Cooksey is a Southern California girl born and bred, however she's no longer a resident of heaven on earth, but instead she currently resides in the 7th Ring of Hell with her husband, their three daughters, and a goodly number of pets. Aside from her husband, one cat, and three out of five fish, everyone living under the Cooksey's roof is female. She's sure her husband will not only be awarded sainthood when he kicks the bucket, but that Jesus will welcome him into heaven with a beer and a congratulatory high-five. Jenn is also of the belief that Bacon should be capitalized and that just being yourself is the best way to go. That is, unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.

My Review of The Other Fish in the Sea
I fell in love with the Grab Your Pole series, while reading Shark Bait. I wanted to read The Other Fish in the Sea right away, but never got the chance until now. When I purchased The Other Fish in the Sea right before going to bed, I really only planned to read one Chapter. Much to my surprise, when I finally put it down the sun was up and the book was finished. I completely lost myself in the book, and it was worth the complete lack of sleep. The Cliffhanger at the end almost had me purchasing Shark Out of Water and diving right in. I would recommend having the third book on hand, because that ending really leaves you hanging off the edge of a very large cliff. 

This review has not been an easy one to write, I have stop and started it half a dozen times. It is simply because I am having a hard time explaining my diehard love for this book without giving anything away about the series. The story of The Other Fish in the Sea is such a rollercoaster of emotions, but I could not be happier to be back in the midst of the GYP Gang. Obviously, I love Tristan and Camie, but the whole group really makes The Other Fish in the Sea so freaking awesome. Then add a sprinkling of snark, a dash of Buffy, and some tempting licorice. 

Out of all the characters, the one I idolize and fear the most is Jillian. I would love to have her evil mastermind skills, but I would not want to be the one who crosses to her bad side. Some of the best laughs come from Jillian and her creative plots of revenge. Jeff has to be my other favorite just because he is the comic relief in most situations, and because he is a truly loyal, loving friend. Of course, I cannot forget Tristan, who I grew to love even more in this book. 

Even with an ending that had me contemplating hurtling my Kindle into the nearest wall, The Other Fish in the Sea is far better than even the epicness of Shark Bait. That feat alone makes this a must read. If you have not started the Grab Your Pole series, now is the time because you are missing out. Jenn Cooksey is a magic word ninja, who chooses to use her skill to entertain the masses. Join Cult Cooksey now. 

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Waiting on Wednesday: Cover Reveal, Excerpt and Giveaway: Ember

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we cannot wait to get our hands on. This week my Waiting on Wednesday is also a cover reveal for Karen Ann Hopkins newest novel.

Ember by Karen Ann Hopkins
Wings of War #1
Expected Publication: October 21, 2014

There are descendants of angels walking among us. Ember is one of them. And she may be the only hope mankind has as the rapture approaches and evil rises.
Embers is an epic paranormal adventure about an eighteen year old girl who discovers that she's immune to fire and any other injury when she’s in a horrific car crash that kills her parents. Following a violent episode with her aunt's boyfriend, Ember flees Ohio to live with an old relative in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Ember's exuberance at escaping a bad home life soon turns to trepidation when she finds out that she's a Watcher, a descendant of angels. While Ember learns about her heritage and the powers that go along with it, she strikes up friendships with two young men who live in a frightening walled compound in the forest. Inexplicitly drawn to one of the men in particular, an impossible romance develops. But it is cut short when Ember discovers that her new friends are fighting on the opposite side of a war—one that’s been raging between two factions of Watchers for thousands of years. When the compound’s inhabitants threaten the townspeople, Ember takes action, sealing her fate in the ancient battle of good versus evil—and the grayness in between. Ember is up to the challenge, until she realizes that she isn’t only fighting for the lives of the locals and the souls of her new friends. She also might be one of the few champions who will make a stand for all of mankind as the rapture approaches and the end of days begin.
Embers is a dark and gritty YA novel that’s the first book in the series, The Wings of War.

 About the Author

A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.

Ivan spoke with an excited voice. “Do you hear it, Ember?”
I tilted my head and listened.  It was faint, but there was a low rumble in the distance.  As we walked forward the sound grew.
“Yes.  Is that the falls?” I asked.
He nodded his head.  “We’re almost there.” 
Soon the noise was a deafening roar, vibrating in my ears.  When we stepped out of the cover of the trees, I was astonished.  Raven Branch Falls was much larger than I expected.  The water dropped from nearly seventy feet into a dark pool.  Giant boulders jutted out below the pool to create smaller falls, which led into a rapidly flowing rocky creek bed.
My gaze was drawn to a tree leaning out from the side of the falls where a large grey owl was partially hidden in the foliage.  There was something familiar about its eyes, and the way it was looking at me gave me the distinct feeling that I knew the bird. Could it be the same owl I saw racing through the air the day of my arrival?   
Ivan grasped my arm and tugged me closer to the falls.  He held my arm tightly as we stepped onto the boulders beside the deep water hole.  Spots on the enormous rocks were wet and slippery from the spray of the falls and I was grateful for his help.  He led me out to the farthest point we could go, where a carpet of soft moss blanketed the surface of a particularly large boulder.  Ivan gestured for me to sit, which I did, and then he bounded off, climbing along the boulders until he was a little ways downstream.
I watched him go, thinking what a nice boy—or wolf, he was. 
Without looking, I knew Sawyer was behind me.  The movements of my stomach and heart gave him away.   He sat down very close.  
“Where did you come from?” he coaxed softly.     
For a second I saw the boy from my dream.
The breath caught in my throat.  I gazed at him.   
He doesn’t seem evil to me.  

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