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The Cave Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway

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About the Book
Title: The Cave
Author: Michela Montgomery
Series: The Wind Cave #1
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic
When a nuclear war devastates the U.S., a four-day excursion quickly turns into a fight for survival in The Cave. Six Stanford students journey into one of the deepest and longest caves in North America. A day into their journey, a nuclear war begins from within the U.S. Unable to return to the surface, and unsure what they will find when they do, the Cave will test the strength and survival of each person differently – transforming six individuals into a team, and ultimately…a family.

My Review of The Cave
The Cave and The Wind Cave series just became one of my new favorite series so far this year. The fight for survival inside the cave is intense as the group has to navigate the underground trails and passageways and ration food in the hopes to survive until it is safe to return to the surface. The relationships that are formed and tested through the story is what makes this novel. 

When the group first goes into the Wind Cave, they are not all friends in fact half of them really do not even know each other. As with any group that has to stick together in dire circumstances, they quickly begin to bond as each of them rely on each other. I like the relationships and friendships that form out of the group as they try to hike through the cave to get supplies and stay away from the toxic surface air until it is safe to return. It is not an easy journey and with most of the group having no climbing or caving experience, the simplest of paths can turn deadly if they are not careful. 

I will say that I am not a usual fan of the love triangle, as it is overuse in novels today, but I think that the author, Michaela Montgomery, handled it very well. I only hate having to wait until the next book to see how the love triangle plays out or if Kate chooses herself over the boys. I personally would like to see her choose herself and if either of the love interest really cares, I think they will follow her. Now it is just a wait and see game.

There is so much more to the story of this group left to explore and while it is mainly from Kate’s perspective, I hope that the next book gives us more insight into the other characters as the decisions of the future are now in their hands. I think that the battle for survival has really just begun and will continue throughout the series, especially with the next book Aftermath. 

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