Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mini Vacation But Coming Back Next Week With Much More!

So this week I will not be posting anything, as I try to catch up on reading, and working on redoing the way things are organized here on Unabridged Bookshelf.

What does that mean for the readers? 
It means more posting and more frequently

The results of the my reader survey are in, and I wanted to let everyone what was going to change.

  1. I am going to move from posting 1-3 times a week to 5-7 a week
  2. I am going to move from 1-2 reviews a week to 2-3 reviews a week (gives me an excuse to read more so win-win)
  3. I am going to keep Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, and Stacking the Shelves
  4. For right now, I have cut back on Blog Tours, Book Blitz, and Cover Reveals to get caught up and reorganized but in the near future I will be trying to do more Blog Tours, and a few more Cover Reveals. 
  5. I am also bring back my Cover Battle Feature every Friday. 
I am going to be scheduling out all my post at least a week in advance to prevent the lack of posting and as to no get overwhelmed with getting posts up every night. 

For those interested:

My Tenative Schedule

  • M-Review or Blog Tour
  • T-Teaser Tuesday
  • W-Waiting on Wednesday
  • Thursday- Review or Blog Tour
  • Friday- Cover Battle 
  • Saturday-Review
  • Sunday- Stacking the Shelves
Hope everyone comes back to check all the new reviews I have next week! And thank you guys for being amazing everyday and being understanding!

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