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The Prophecy Series Blog Tour: Lords of Prophecy by Michael Rothman

I am really happy to be participating in The Prophecy Series Blog Tour! I have had the pleasure of reading the first two books last fall, and I have a review of the final book in the series, Lords of Prophecy. Kismet Book Touring organized the whole events, so make sure to check out the full scheduel of events by clicking the button above. 


Title: Heirs of Prophecy
Author: Michael A. Rothman
Series: The Prophecies #1
Publication Date: April 3, 2012
Genre: Epic YA Fantasy

The Riverton family had been enjoying a simple summer vacation when, through a fluke of nature, they found themselves in a strange new land.
The Riverton brothers quickly realize that in this world, they have gained unusual powers. Powers that their parents fear will attract the attention of Azazel himself – the merciless wizard who brutally controls this world.
The two brothers soon learn that an ancient prophecy has finally been initiated by their arrival in Trimoria. As the heirs of this prophecy, they are destined to lead the armies of men, dwarves, elves, and even a misfit ogre against the prophesied demon horde.
Only one thing stands in their way.
The evil wizard who has learned of their presence, and has sent assassins to wipe them from existence.

Title: Tools of Prophecy
Author: Michael A. Rothman
Series: The Prophecies #2
Publication Date: August 1, 2012
Genre: Epic YA Fantasy

The TOOLS OF PROPHECY is the second volume in an epic saga which describes a prophecy that has placed the Riverton brothers in the lead roles of a struggle to save their world from being overrun by unspeakable horrors. This destiny requires that they face off with the demons that nearly destroyed their world over five centuries ago.
In the first book, the population of wizards had been practically eradicated by the former tyrant. The Rivertons are now charged with creating an Academy of Magic, recruiting qualified students, and furthering their own training with secrets that have long been held by the reclusive elves.
Despite their youth, a mysterious spirit has engaged them in an epic struggle to gain mastery of their newfound skills, help raise and train two armies, and stay alive long enough for their final showdown with destiny.
The only things that stand in their way are the assassins hired to destroy them and the Demon Lord’s minion who holds a personal grudge and intends to witness the young boys’ deaths..
Title: Lords of Prophecy
Author: Michael A. Rothman
Series: The Prophecies #3
Publication Date: March 1, 2013
Genre: Epic YA Fantasy

The Riverton brothers have completed their training, and despite their own personal skills, they worry about the forces arrayed against them. Knowing the barrier that’s kept the people of Trimoria safe for over five centuries is weakening, the brothers ready their ragtag army of humans, dwarves, and elves for battle.
In the meantime, on the other side of the ancient barrier, a growing army of demons have readied themselves for the final battle against the people of Trimoria.
As the barrier weakens, Ryan is struck by bouts of debilitating madness. As the barrier crumbles, so does the hope of Trimoria’s citizens.

I am an Army brat and the first person in my family to be born in the United States. This heavily influenced my youth by instilling a love of reading and a burning curiosity about the world and all of the things within it. As an adult, my love of travel allowed me to explore many unimaginable locations. I participated in many adventures and documented them in what will be a series of books, the first of which you have just read.
Some might put these books in the Fantasy genre, and I never had issues with this label. After all, the adventures were, without any doubt in my mind, fantastic. I simply quibble with the label of “Fiction” that some might put on these tales. These tales should be viewed as historical records, more along the lines of a documentary.
I’ve learned one thing over the years. Magic is real. Keep exploring, and you too will find your magic.

Lords of Prophecy is the final book in the Prophecies series, and I have to say it is a very fitting end to a wonderful fantasy series. Fantasy is not my usual cup of tea, but ever since I read Heirs of Prophecy, I knew this is a series I had to finish. I will have to commend Michael Rothman for turning into fan of fantasy novels. I know that in the future I will be more likely to pick up a fantasy series, simply because I loved exploring unique worlds like Trimoria.

In Lord of Prophecy, some time has passed from the ending of the second book, Tools of Prophecy. The events of the prophecy are in the near future, and Ryan and Aaron Riverton must help their family and friends get the citizens of Trimoria ready for the final battle. The barrier is beginning to fade, and if they are not prepared, Trimoria may not survive the onslaught of demons.

Now that Ryan and Aaron are young men, the bit of romance in the second book has blossomed into full romantic relationships, and betrothals. There relationships between Ryan and Arabelle, and Aaron and Sloane are supportive and loving. Not many relationships in young adult or middle grade books depict a healthy and happy normal relationship. That is not the case with Lords of Prophecy, and it is one of the aspects I liked most about the characters.

This series starts out with younger characters but they grow to by young men. This growth in age throughout the series makes it a great Middle Grade or Young Adult read. I would recommend this to fans of fantasy, especially those who prefer Middle Grade or Young Adult.

**Unabridged Bookshelf recieved this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review**

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