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Book Review: Fall To You

About the Book
Fall to You (Here and Now, #2)
Title: Fall To You
Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: Here and Now #2
Publication Date: June 2, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance, 
Torn between two men…
When I woke up after the accident, I couldn’t remember anything from the last year—including my relationship with Max Hallowell or anything about Nate Crane. Now my memories are returning, but instead of answering my questions, they’re leaving me with more.
The man who broke my heart and wants to be my future…
Max is all I ever wanted, and now he wants to marry me. He’ll do everything he can to fill my life with love, family, and security. I need those things now more than ever. But can I trust him?
The man who stole my heart and wants to let me go…
Nate never made me promises, and I never asked him to. I’d been on the rebound, looking for a distraction, and he made me feel beautiful and wanted when I needed to feel those things most. He says he has to let me go, but what if I can’t let go of him?
With every revelation and every passing day, I feel more like Alice down the rabbit hole. I’m falling. Who will catch me?
Fall to You is the second book in the Here and Now series. It is not a stand-alone and is intended to be read following Lost in Me. Hanna’s story concludes in book three, All for This.

My Review of Fall To You
Lexi Ryan is the master of the cliffhanger ending, and if I thought that the Lost in Me cliffhanger was bad. It is nothing compared to the Fall to You cliffhanger. Seriously how much longer until All for This is released, because I have to know how this story ends. There are still a few unanswered questions, and a very important decision to make. Hanna regains most of her memories except for the last few days before her accident, but Fall to You starts three months before Hanna’s accident. This time though it is not solely Hanna’s point of view we get to experience. Max and Nate also get to share a bit of their viewpoint and gives more insight into the events the led up to Hanna’s accident. 

I personally do not always like love triangles, but Lexi Ryan makes it work really well. I have to say that in Lost in Me I was totally Team Nate. In Fall to You, I am still defiantly Team Nate, but I am not so against Team Max as I was in Lost in Me. I think that is due to seeing glimpses of what happened through Max’s own eyes. I also cannot help for root for Nate who has sworn off putting anyone over his son, to find a bit of happiness. 

Hanna goes through so much in Fall to You, and I really just want her to find out exactly what happened the day she fell, because I think it is going to blow this story wide open. I have my suspicions, but with Lexi Ryan I never know what is coming. Hopefully, All for This answers all the questions, and Hanna gets some much deserved happily ever after. Although if it is anything like the previous two books, there is going to be a lot of complications and obstacles before that happens. 

Lexi Ryan has captured me in again and has me impatiently waiting for the next installment; thankfully, I do not have to wait an extremely long time before All for This. I think I may lose it if that happened. I also really need to know what Hanna’s final decisions are going to be, and how this story is going to end. 

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