Friday, July 25, 2014

Updates and Coming Soon to Unabridged Bookshelf

After running Unabridged Bookshelf for almost three years, I have decided an update in both content and connection is long overdue.

I first got into blogging to connect with other readers. As the pressures of maintaining my blog and life in general have grown, I have pulled back and now I feel very disconnected from the blogging community. This is something I know I need to remedy. I have a few ideas so more on that in a minute.
The second issue is content. While I love supporting authors with simple pre-made cover reveals, and books blitzes, these posts are almost too easy. Why work hard at original review or other content when I could just copy and paste? Does this mean no more cover reveals or blitzes, No. I really love helping authors with those posts, but I am going to work harder on adding more original features and content.

When I started Unabridged Bookshelf, I stood behind my blog name, never revealing many personal details or even my frist name to most readers or bloggers. This aided in my disconnection, how can I form a connection without getting personal at all? I have already updated my about me section on my blog to share a few more personal details. Hopefully this will allow me to open up more and add more of my personality to Unabridged Bookshelf.

My New Goals
1. Comment on other blogs (Daily Goal: 10+)
(feel free to leave you blog in the comments so I can come visit)
2.   Start using Twitter more often to connect with others
3. Respond to my blog comments in a timely fashion

My New Content Ideas
1. I started adding Short Story Saturday, which are reviews of short stories, anthologies, or novellas.
2. More reviews (something I have been seriously lacking) and maybe changing up my review style a little bit. I am also adding audiobook reviews mostly on Mondays and maybe making it a permanent feature. (still working on a possible name for it...)

3. I thought of this idea to late last year, but maybe doing a TV Tuesday for Book to TV Shows, but will have to see if I can find one. It would be kind of a review and spoiler free discussion. (Open to Suggestions)

I know I have been absent most of the month of July, but I have been working behind the scenes to bring all of these goals to life! August is going to be a refreshing reboot of Unabridged Bookshelf!

Thank you for stopping by and reading Unabridged Bookshelf
Looking forward to reconnecting!


Alyssa Susanna said...

Dudeee, I've been following your blog via email (and probably other methods) for years, and I think you're doing a great job! But I love your new ideas - Short Story Saturday is definitely a good one. I personally don't read too many novellas, short stories, anthologies, etc., but I so want to change that. In the future, perhaps. Good luck with the blog construction and revamping and such! I'm here for you, if you need any help or support or anything! Though I must warn you, I am terrible with Photoshop and graphic arts and whatnot O_O

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

UnabridgedBookshelf said...

Alyssa, Thank you so much for following! I always enjoy reading your comments, your support means so very much! I hope you enjoy the updates!!

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