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Review: Montana Mountain Fugitives by Shirley McJunkin

Montana Mountain Fugitives
Before dawn, June 2, 1980, nineteen-year-old Erin Double climbs out her bedroom window and heads for a cabin in the Montana mountains. Upon learning that his cancer is terminal, "Santa," a modern-day mountain man, gives her the use of his cabin for the summer. Erin, enjoying the heavenly surroundings, is startled one day to find out she is being watched. She discovers her observer is a six-year-old boy named Matt. Meeting his father, Noah, she learns he is a fugitive from the law, having fled Nebraska with his son three years earlier. They live a mile away with Santa's friend, "Irish Dan." Despite the threat of discovery, a romance flourishes between Erin and Noah. Enjoying the 4th of July festivities in nearby Copper Creek, they realize they are being watched. They react in a surprising way, giving the story an interesting twist.(copied from Goodreads)

My Review
When I started Montana Mountain Fugitives, I instantly felt for Erin and her situation. Her father passed away after a work accident, and her mother has pulled away from her. Her mother is out drinking at the bar, and meet Autrey a con-man who Erin knows is after her mother’s money. During all this, Erin meets Santa at the nursing home where she works. Santa is an old mountain man dying from cancer. He wants Erin to experience the beauty of the Montana Mountains, where he lives, so he gives her his cabin for the summer.

Montana Mountain Fugitives is set in 1980, and Erin has lived in Red Lodge her whole life. She is used to having the amenities of modern technology. When she arrives at the cabin, she has to live without indoor plumbing, or electricity. She has to haul her water from the spring for dishes, bathing, and drinking. Her bathroom is outside, as it is an outhouse. While there, she finds Matt, a six-year-old boy spying on her from the woods. She meets his father, Noah and discovers they are fugitives, because Noah took Matt from his mother and ran to protect him. This is why they are living up in the mountains with “Irish.”

I love the descriptions that take place in Montana Mountain Fugitives; it really feels like you are up in the Mountains. I have lived my whole life in Montana, and I actually lived in Red Lodge for about 4 years. For people who do have not been to Montana, you can experience the beauty of Montana with this book. Parts of this book brought up memories from my childhood. I know that this is special to just me, because the author Shirley McJunkin happens to also be my grandmother. I know, how cool is that! My grandmother has always been extreme supportive, and always there for a hug or a kind word. Therefore, when she asked me if I would review her book on my new blog, I knew it was a way I could be supportive of her.

While I have obvious connections to this book and the author, I still loved the book. It is just a great love story. I think it is a great novel, and anyone who likes a good love story would love it. The details about having to haul water, cook with a wood burning stove, and finding ways to bathe without a real tub or shower were eye opening. I could not survive without indoor plumbing. Montana Mountain Fugitives is a great book, and trust me once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down.

  • Paperback: 248 pages
  • Publisher: PublishAmerica 
  • Publication Date: February 9, 2004
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Unknown said...

That is so awesome that your grandmother is the author!
Congrats on the book & much success!

Raine said...

Wow! I think it's cool you have an author in the family. Are you also going down the route someday? :D This is very nice story and I think will be my type of thing to curl up with. I'm not much of an outdoors person and yeah, I think I cringe if the bathroom is outside. lolz. I think it will tons of laugh getting use to it.

Unabridged Bookshelf said...

@Andrea Thank you, I think it is pretty awesome!

@Raine I may go down that route someday, if I am brave enough.

Thank you both for stopping by and reading my review!

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