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Residue Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway

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Title: Residue
Author: Laury Falter
Series: Residue #1
Publication Date: April 13, 2012
Length: 300 Pages

When Jocelyn Weatherford is whisked away from a preparatory academy in upstate New York to live with her extended family in New Orleans, she is unprepared to encounter the dangers awaiting her. Yet even as she is thrust into an unfamiliar world of witches and voodoo magic, the greatest threat of all may be the boy she has fallen for.
While handsome and charming, he is also a Caldwell... a member of the family the Weatherford's have been feuding with for centuries. As their forbidden love grows it becomes the volatile spark that forever changes their world and everyone in it.
Laury Falter is the author of the bestselling Guardian Trilogy. She writes young adult paranormal
romances and urban fantasy when she's not taking her stray dogs for a walk or enjoying a date night with her husband.
Laury has released two series, the Guardian Trilogy and the Residue Series (a spinoff of the Guardian Trilogy books), and is currently releasing her third series, the Apocalypse Chronicles. 

To learn more about Laury and her novels, visit her at:


Residue has a magic that is all its own. The draw is really in the Romeo and Juliet storyline mixed with magic. The Weatherford and The Caldwell are their own version of the Montague and Capulet of the world of magic. Jocelyn Weatherford who knew nothing about magic or her family feud until she landed in New Orleans finds herself right in the middle of an age old feud between two powerful magical families when she starts to fall for the handsome Jameson Caldwell. There is always a certain draw to two people falling in love despite being told it is impossible, and trying to convince their families to put their differences aside.

The story is really made by Jocelyn, and her determination to not let anyone form her opinions for her. Being raised outside the community and away from any of her family aside from her mother, Jocelyn does not jump right on board the Caldwell’s are the enemy bandwagon. This alone is one of the few reasons that Jocelyn and Jameson even consider starting a star-crossed romance. Jameson on the other hand has been raised to believe Weatherfords are evil, but meeting Jocelyn without knowing who she is first opens his eyes to the possibility that not all Weatherfords are evil.

The story is very well written, and it keeps you on your toes. Jocelyn is the type of character that I root for, because they stand up for the underdog and want to help anyone suffering. Jameson is the perfect love interest because he is kind, caring and wants to protect Jocelyn from all harm. It is really refreshing to read about a love interest who has nothing but good qualities. While the fated lovers storyline is overused in some cases, it works very well in Residue.

The ending of Residue left me wanting no wait needing more, and I will be adding the rest of the series to my TBR list! Laury Falter has created a world that has gotten me hooked. Residue is a powerful start to what I think is going to be a powerful series.

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