Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cover Reveal: How to Marry an Alien

Today, I am glad to be participating in the Cover Reveal for How to Marry an Alien by by Magan Vernon. How to Marry an Alien is the third book in the My Alien Romance Series. Thank you to AToMR Book Tours for hosting, and allowing to participate!


Alex’s interstellar relationship has finally been sealed in the eyes of the human world, so now she can move on to her next step: college.
With Ace by her side and a new piece of jewelry on her finger, she thinks she is ready for anything. Well, almost anything.
Her new roommate holds a dangerous link to her past that Alex isn't sure if she can handle. Then there is the whole alien fiancĂ© thing. Every time she tries to get closer to Ace, he seems to pull further away. Top that off with a full summer class load and a few more alien attacks and it’s just another day for Alex.
Except this time she isn’t sure if marrying an alien will be the happy ending she’s hoping for.

The Series
How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1)How to Break Up with an Alien (My Alien Romance, #2)

I really like how the covers work together, they look amazing stacked in a row.  I have to say I really love the way the cover has a shine to it. It looks very out of this world!

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