Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Army of Ten

The Army of TEN


Gretchen McNeil wants to help get the word out about her new book, TEN, set to release on September 18th. 
To do this, she has formed an army, given them tasks with fun rewards for completing the tasks.
There are many ranks, and you can choose how high you want to climb in the Army of Ten. 
All the ranks and task can be viewed by clicking the button at the top!!
The tasks are fairly simple and a lot of fun to do!

The best part is the higher you go, the more entries you earn toward the grand prize pack!
Also for the first 40 people who complete the rank of General, they will receive their name in the acknowledgments of Gretchen McNeil's next novel, 3:59

If that even sounds remotely awesome, because it is be sure to check the Army of Ten. 

See you all on the battlefield!

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