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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway of The Devil's Metal by Karina Halle

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The Devil's Metal (Devils #1)
Title: The Devil's Metal

Author: Karina Halle
Publisher: Metal Blonde Books
Publication Date: September 21, 2012
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of Pages: 344 Pages

It’s the summer of 1974 and 21-year old Dawn Emerson has only three things she wants to do: compete one last time in the Ellensburg Rodeo, win back her ex-boyfriend Ryan, and become the best damn music journalist at Central Washington University. But all her plans are left in the dust when she’s contacted by Creem magazine to go on the road with one of her favorite groups, the up-and-coming metal band, Hybrid.
At first the assignment reads like a dream come true. Not only will Dawn land some much-needed credibility as a female music journalist, but she’ll finally get to experience life from the other side of the stage, and maybe crack the drunken, enigmatic code that is guitarist Sage Knightly. Instead, Dawn finds herself on an aging tour bus filled with ego-maniacs, band politics and a whole lot of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. When monsters start showing up in dressing rooms and some of Sage’s groupies become increasingly strange and dangerous, Dawn discovers the band is not only going places – they’re going straight to Hell.
And Dawn has a backstage pass.


Karina Halle writes yet another marvelous and a bit terrifying work with The Devil’s Metal. Set in 1974, The Devil’s Metal takes readers through the world of rock and roll complete with sex, drugs, and just a smidgen of the creepy supernatural. Maybe a bit more than a smidgen, but Karina Halle has a remarkable talent for writing hair-raising stories, without being cheesy or too over the top scary. My favorite part about The Devil’s Metal is how the story and the writing really sucked me in, and pulled me out of my reality into the story for a few hours.

The main character Dawn is given the opportunity of a lifetime as both a fan and as someone who hopes to become a music journalist; she is asked to go on tour with her favorite band, Hybrid. Dawn is a small town farm and rodeo girl, who has been taking care of her father and brother since her mother’s death. Dawn jumps at the chance to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the rock and roll world. It is not too long before Dawn starts to feel out of her element, but she sticks in there anyway. I really like how she perseveres even through some of the tougher situations that sex, drugs, and even rock and roll brings on. Throughout the story, Dawn grows and changes which I really liked experiencing.

As for the eye candy, the boys of Hybrid are not bad looking at all. There is Robbie the charismatic, and charming lead singer, and Sage the mysterious leader of the band. Mickey and Noelle are a tragic couple trying to keep their relationship alive in the midst of all the temptations of the road. Out of all the band members though, Dawn wants to discover the mystery behind the man that is Sage.

I think the author’s insight into music journalism lends to the authentic feel to the story, and the rock and roll lifestyle. Even though I was not even alive during the 70s, the story still feels like it could have happened minus the creepy supernatural aspect. There is a lot of drugs, alcohol, and some sexual situations in the book, and this book is categorized as New Adult. That means that this book is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. I cannot wait to see what the second book holds.

**Unabridged Bookshelf received a copy of this book for the tour, in exchange for an honest review**


Karina Halle is a music journalist and all around wino who resides in beautiful British Columbia. When she's not rocking out or taking a nap, she can be found writing her ghost-hunting Experiment in Terror Series. 

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