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Book Review: Blood Crave by Jennifer Knight

Blood Crave (Blood on the Moon, #2)
Title: Blood Crave
Author: Jennifer Knight
Series: Blood on the Moon #2
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Number of Pages: 
Publication Date: August 14, 2012

Headstrong heroine Faith Reynolds returns in this thrilling sequel to the paranormal romance Blood on the Moon!
After surviving being kidnapped by a vampire, Faith would just love to focus on some alone time with her hot (though occasionally furry) boyfriend, Lucas. Unfortunately, with a vampire uprising on the horizon and her best friend, Derek, about to wake up and find himself transformed into a half-werewolf, half-vampire being without a beating heart, Faith has a few other things to take care of first.
Faith is not without help, in the form of her newfound powers of sensing people’s emotions and being able to influence werewolves’ actions, not to mention her begrudging but rather helpful boyfriend. Even so, convincing a werewolf packmaster to prepare for an epic battle may be difficult to do without solid evidence.
Lose yourself once more in the deliciously suspenseful world of werewolves versus vampires, otherworldly boys with deadly charm, and addictive, spine-tingling action and romance!

*Review will have spoilers for the first book, Blood on the Moon, but I will try to avoid as many as possible*

Blood Crave by Jennifer Knight takes shortly after the first one ends. Faith and Lucas are trying to convince the werewolf pack of the impending vampire war, but no one believes them especially the pack leader, Rolf. Lucas and Faith cannot risk telling all the pack, how they know the knowledge is for certain, without exposing Faith’s new power. On top of it all, they are waiting for Derek to wake up to find out what exactly he has become due to the werewolf and vampire bites he sustains during the battle with Victor. The werewolf pack considers Derek an abomination and want him exterminated immediately. When Derek wakes up, he discovers he is the blend of both, a hybrid.

Faith stands by Derek side even when Lucas feels uncomfortable with the friendship. Derek soon finds out that he may be part vampire and part werewolf, but that he does not belong with either group. All he wants is to go on with his life and Faith by his side. When Derek realizes that he does not really stand a chance with Lucas in the picture, he starts to pull away from his humanity.

Faith is a bit more independent in this book, which I like. She does use her gift to try to get what she wants, but soon learns that is not the way to do things. The relationship between Lucas and Faith becomes more serious in this one. Lucas also has major issues with jealously when it comes to Faith’s relationship with Derek and Derek with Lucas and Faith, which makes them all alpha male jerks for a chunk of the book, which I did not find that appealing. I did like the differences in the first and second book, because with Faith’s power and the introduction of a hybrid, it really changed the story for the better.  

I will have to say without being too much of a spoiler, that the ending changes everything, and make me want to read the next book in the series. I really want to see how relationships change and evolve in the third book. I would really like to see Faith come into her own and not as dependent on Lucas or Derek.

**Unabridged Books received this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review**

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