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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway of Whispering Hills by Taryn Browning

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Title: Whispering Hills
Author: Taryn Browning
Publication Date: March 19, 2012

Synopsis: For as long as she can remember, 17-year-old Alexis Forbes can hear the thoughts of others. Most recently, she is disturbed by the dark, unfamiliar voice of a frightening killer: callous, cunning, charismatic…and dead.
She hears his every sinister thought. But she can’t tell anyone. No one would believe her. Alexis is suddenly being haunted by a terrifying past she doesn’t remember, and a ghost with a serious score to settle. Even Chance, the gorgeous new guy she’s falling for, has his own ghostly secret. He’s definitely not like any guy she’s ever met. Alexis soon discovers she has a connection to the dead and it runs much deeper than she could ever imagine. And if the sociopathic entity has his way, she’ll finally be sentenced to the fate she escaped thirteen years ago.


Whispering Hills by Taryn Browning is one of those books you cannot put down, not matter how hard you try. It sucks you in and holds you there through the very end. Alexis Forbes is no stranger to weird, considering she hears voices. Not just any voices, the thoughts more specifically decisions made by anyone and everyone around her. Now her problems are spinning further from “normal,” when she hears the voice of someone planning to kill someone. The problem, she does not recognize the voice.

Alexis wants to stop the killer, but she has no idea where to start. On top of it all, she is falling for the new guy Chance, but something is off, because Alexis has no idea what he is thinking. As she tries to find the person behind the disturbing voice, she discovers he may not actually be living. With secrets around every corner, and a ghostly killer on the loose, Whispering Hills is no longer safe.

I have to say I could not put Whispering Hills down. Taryn Browning has a way with words that captivated me until the very last word. Alexis is a beautifully written character, who I instantly took a liking too. She is not completely crazy from hearing the thoughts of everyone around her Alexis actually manages fairly well considering. Chance is gorgeous and protective, which are great qualities for a love interest. Reading a book with him in it was not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Alexis ends up forming a friendship with Summer, who is an outcast. She tends to wear heavy black makeup and wear dark cloths, who is sarcastic and snarky, but also very caring. I really like Summer, and I loved the relationship between her and Alexis. I absolutely loved every second of Whispering Hills. There were moments I was anxious for what would happen next, then the next moment I would laugh at something one of the character would say. If you pick up Whispering Hills, you will not regret it.

**Unabridged Bookshelf received this book from the author in exchanged for an honest review**


Taryn Browning writes young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. Her debut novel, DARK SEEKER, is available on Amazon and B&N.  The sequel, DARK RETURN, comes out in late, 2012.
Taryn  graduated with a BS in Education from Towson University and went on to earn a MS in Reading from Hood College. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two young sons and their dog. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, music, movies, and the beach. Visit her at www.tarynbrowning.com, on twitter and facebook.
Taryn's Website

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Awesome review! Thanks for being on the tour!!

Taryn Browning said...

Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book! And as Heather said, thank you so much for being on the tour. It's been amazing! <3

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